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NCK9A classes are held on Sunday mornings in line with school term, for start up dates or any other class time information follow our Facebook page.

Beginner 1: 8:00am 
Beginner 2: 9:00am
Advanced: 10:00am
Intermediate: 11:00am

Above are the times of the normal Sunday morning classes. If you are a registered member please arrive 10mins before classes start so you can sign in and walk your dog before class begins.
Depending on the time of year we will run additional classes, please keep in the loop via social media.

Do you wish to Join the NCK9A ?

To gain access to our commitment free classes all new members must attend the foundations inductions course which run several times per term (membership numbers predict how often). To know when our next sign up block is keep in the loop with our social media pages, Or send us an email and we will put you on our next intake list. 
The sign up cost is $95 which covers the foundations course and sign up fee, after you have finished the course you are free to come to any beginners class you wish and pay as you go. ($20 per class, per dog)

How much are classes once I have joined and completed the foundations session?
Classes are now $20 per dog. We do offer a pensioners discounted of $15 per dog. 
What if my dog is an absolute super star and want to get into intermediate or advanced ?

To get into the higher classes you must complete at least 2 beginners classes and then contact Soph (the head trainer) via email for an intermediate test. 

My dog is a bit funny with other dogs or people can I still come ?

NCK9A classes have a yellow and red bandanna system, if you believe or one of the trainers thinks your dog should have a bandanna we will do so. However if the dog is to uncontrollable at classes we will recommend a private session before returning to classes. Safety is the highest priority and our classes due to popular demand can get very busy. Please know you and your dogs limits.

What will my dog and I learn at NCK9A ?

The classes focus on real life obedience, from recalls to stays and loose lead walking. You will learn something new each week. We do have some agility equipment here at the NCK9A but we do not focus on the sport, we hope to teach our clients how to get their dog to drop & stay while you get your morning coffee or how to loose lead walk past other dogs while in town. Just check out our 1000s of photos on Facebook!
How long do you stay a member?
At the start of every year all members must pay a membership fee of $30 if they wish to stay a member (any clients who sign up in term 4 do not have to pay the next years membership fee). 
To keep your nck9a current you must attend a class at least every 6 months.  
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