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Our main classes are held on Sunday mornings in line with NSW school term at Wollongbar Primary School. 
Make sure you follow our Facebook page, there we keep you up to date with start dates for each term and inform you if we need to cancel due to bad weather! We will also keep in touch via email and notifcations will also be sent via our managment system, PetExec. 
Our Sunday classes do not have a capped limit and dogs of all shapes and sizes are allowed to attend, as long as they are a registered NCK9A member. 
Below are our Sunday class times. As a registered member we ask that you turn up 10 mintues before your class starts, giving you time to sign in and walk your dog before the training session begins.  

Beginner 1: 8:00am 
Beginner 2: 9:00am
Advanced: 10:00am
Intermediate: 11:00am


We also run midweek classes, late in the afternoon. These classes are pre-booked and new dates are set every term. Midweek classes are suited for those who have weekend commitments and if this is something you are interested in, please watch our Facebook page, emails and your PetExec app for more info when they come up. 

I wish to become a NCK9A member!

To gain access to our commitment free classes you must be a member of NCK9A. To become a member you must attend a foundations class (or complete one of our puppy courses). Foundation classes run several times per term, with up and coming Foundation class dates posted on our social media pages. Alternatively you can send us an email via our contact us page for more info on attending.  
The Foundations class is $95 which includes your membership registration fee. After you attend your foundations class, you are free to come to any beginners classes, whether that is one of the morning classes on a Sunday or book in for our midweek classes and pay as required. 

How much are classes once I have joined and completed the foundations session?
Classes on Sunday's are $20 per dog, other services vary in price please refer for our Facebook page or send us an email for more info about those. 
We also offer a pensioners discount! 
I want to learn more, can I go to intermediate or advanced classes?

To start attending the higher level classes you must attend at least 2 beginners classes and then complete the beginners level test to proceed into the intermediate level. Once in the intermediate class you can do then complete intermediate level test to start your training in the advance level class.

What if my dog is reactive to other dogs or people?

NCK9A classes have a YELLOW and RED bandanna system to cater for dogs who may need extra space and assistance while training. Yellow bandannas mean, "please give me space" and Red bandannas mean, "please give me a lot of space".
As the dog's owner you can choose for your dog to wear a bandanna, please ask our staff for assistance with this on training days. In some circumstances one of our trainers may ask for your dog to wear one during the class if they believe this will help with your dog's training. 
Safety is our highest priority and our classes can get very busy which can offer an extra challenge so please be aware of you and your dog's limits and reach out to our trainers for guidance during training.

What will my dog and I learn at NCK9A ?

The classes focus on real life obedience skills, from recalls, to impusle control, stay positions and loose lead walking. We also have some agility equipment here at the NCK9A which we bring in on occasion for some fun agility based training, but please note we do not focus on the sport. 
Our training ethos revolves around real world senarios and we strive to help train your dog to be adaptable so they can be a fulfilling part of your life. We hope to teach our clients how to get their dog to drop & stay while you get your morning coffee, or how to loose lead walk past other dogs on beaches and park walks. Dogs are a part of the community, so they need to be good community members.
How long do you stay a member?
Memberships are valid for 1 year and through our PetExec system you will receive an annual notice a year after signing up to pay a renewal fee of $45.
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