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Walk and Trains might be for you. 
This service is perfect for dogs that need a little extra assistance in their training. In these sessions we can work on confidence, socialisation, communication or just to help alleviate boredom. Maybe you're short on time or want to level up your dogs skills with the help from a trainer.

How does it work?
One of our trainers will pick up your dog for a walk that is heavily focused on training and specific goals you want for you dog.
The session will go for 1 hour, after which your dog will be dropped back home. 4 sessions are booked at a time and these will occur same time, same day for 4 weeks in a row. 
Please understand this session is designed for our trainer to work one-on-one with your dog, humans are not needed for this session.  

I'm interested!
If you want to book in for a Walk and Train please send us an email and include your suburb.  

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